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Hello, and thank you for visiting my photography web site.  I am a concert photographer who is mainly into Symphonic and Power metal from Europe.  That being said I love all kinds of music and was brought up on classic rock.  My main influences were the metal bands of the 1980s until that era of metal died. 


For a while I listened to a little bit of everything then one day at a small record store by my house the owner suggested I try listening to some cds he had brought in from Europe.  He said that European metal was making its way to the US and I would love it.  I bought two cds from two different bands I had never heard of.  One was Theater of Salvation by Edguy, the other was Century Child by Nightwish.  I listened to the Edguy cd and was blown away.  Where had this been the last decade of my life?  So excited to have found new music to listen to I eagerly moved on to the Nightwish cd.  I listened to it once and thought what a great sound, but why ruin the music with this terrible operatic singer?!?!?  I threw the Nightwish cd in my back seat and listened to the Edguy cd about a 1000 times.


A couple of months later I was cleaning my car out and found the Nightwish cd.  I figured what the hell, I would give it another listen.  That is when the magic started to happen.  The more I listened to Tarja sing, the more I realized her voice was a gift from the Angels.  I bought every Nightwish cd they had released.  I listened to them over and over and have never looked back.  Most of the metal I listen to has a female lead singer.  It has mesmerized me in a way I can't describe.  I also love seeing these woman take a style of music that was completely dominated by men and making it so much better.


I love concert photography, but I also like doing concert and album reviews as well.  That is what I will use this blog for mostly.  Sometimes I may share photo tips, new equipment I have bought or just ramblings of a metal head that has been to so many concerts he has lost track.  Please feel free to email me at with questions, comments or anything you would like to talk about.



This will be my photography site. My new music webzine is

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Hello All,

This website will be used primarily for photographs only. All my concert and album reviews, band interviews, tour dates, and music news can be found on my music webzine I can also be found on Facebook at: and at Instagram:

Thank you for the continued support!


Get Scared Photos in Portfolio and Review

July 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was emailed on Monday and asked to photograph Get Scared at Studio Seven on Tuesday night.  I will be completely honest here, I had never heard of Get Scared.  I watched a few You Tube videos and was very impressed with what I saw.  I emailed back and said I would be happy to photograph the show and those pictures can be found in the Portfolio section of my web site.  Now for the show.

I got there just a few minutes before Get Scared hit the stage.  I talked to a few fans of the band and they were really excited for the show.  My understanding is at least one of the opening bands could not make it and some fans were under the impression that Get Scared played an extended set because of this.  I am not sure if that is correct, but that is what I was told.

Most people know that my main music taste are 80's heavy metal and the power and symphonic metal that comes out of Europe today.  I have not listened to a lot of American metal over the last several years.  Seeing Stitched Up Heart recently made me realize what I had been missing.  There are a lot of great American metal band out there.  Well you can add Get Scared to that list.  Quite simply they blew me away.  The powerful vocals of Nicolas Matthews and the fantastic guitar playing of Johnny "Johnny B" Braddock make a great combination.  Wikipedia has them listed as Post-hardcore, metalcore and alternative metal.  All I know is Get Scared ripped my face off and in a good way.  The show was high energy and a lot of fun.  Every song was great and the crowd was really into it.  Nicolas is a great front man and kept everyone involved.  His passion for performing was obvious in person and in my photographs.  I will be buying their last CD and would definitely go see them again when they are in town. 

I wish I could give more details on exact songs and which ones were real highlights, but part of me was kind of glad I did not know which songs were the big hits.  I enjoyed every song they played.  If you have not listened to these guys you owe it to yourself to check out some You Tube videos.  These guys are real pros and it showed in their performance.  If they are coming to a town near you I can't recommend enough going to the show and checking them out.  You will have a great time.


Eric Pefley Concert Photography

Stitched Up Heart Photos Posted and Concert Review - Sunday July 2nd in Seattle

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This would be my first time seeing Stitched Up Heart in concert.  Equipped with my photo equipment, VIP pass and a couple items to get signed I headed to the show.  The band was a bit late getting to the venue, but there was good reason for this.  Their motorhome had broken down after their show in Spokane and they had to rent a van to make it to the show in Seattle.  They piled what equipment they could into the van and borrowed some gear from opening band Hell or Highwater so they did not have to cancel the show.  That impressed me a ton that they wanted to play for the fans so much they made it happen no matter what.  It was in fact Mixi driving the van as it passed us as we waited for the meet and greet.

Once the meet and greet started we went upstairs at Studio Seven and hung out in the back room by the bar.  They told us the story about getting to Seattle above and we just sat around and chatted about many topics.  They were so nice and fun to hang out with.  It was very casual and we had a great time.  I highly recommend the meet and greet if you get the chance.

Now for the show itself.  You might think a band that had its motorhome break down, had to borrow equipment and was probably very tired might not put on the best show.  You would be dead wrong!  They were high energy all night.  Mixi’s vocal are better live then on their albums, and it’s awesome on the albums.  Songs from their newest album Never Alone dominated the set.  If you do not have this album, you should buy it.  Most people know I am a huge European metal fan and I do not listen to much US metal any more.  Stitched Up Heart is making me a believer again in US metal.  Some of the highlights of the set included City of Angels, Monster, Event Horizon and Catch Me When I Fall.  The whole band was on their game and the show was fantastic.  Mixi even rode the Pegasus with the crowd supporting her.

A concert with Stitched Up Heart is a night to remember.  They really bring a lot of energy and fun to a live show and great music to boot.  I highly recommend seeing them in concert if they are doing a show near you.

Photos can be seen in the portfolio section of my website.


Eric Pefley Concert Photography





Lynch Mob Photos now Posted

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Greeting All,

I have posted my Lynch Mob photos from the Saturday, June 24th show at Studio Seven in Seattle.  They are in the Portfolio section of my website.  I hope you all enjoy them.  I will be posting a review of the show in the next day or two.

Thank you,

Eric Pefley Concert Photography

Going to Argentina to see Tarja, Delain and Amaranthe!

June 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

Earlier this month Tarja announced she would be doing a show in Buenos Aries, Argentina with Delain and Amaranthe as support.  That is three of my favorite bands in one concert.  Unfortunately Tarja has only done one tour of the USA and it was poorly attended so I am not sure she is ever coming back.  I was lucky enough to see one of those shows in Los Angeles and also saw her headline Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium in 2009.  At this point I figured I may never see her perform live again.  When I first saw this show announced I really wanted to go, but it just seemed to far to go for a show.  Then something magical happened.  Delain and Amaranthe announced they would be doing a Co-Headlining show in Rosario the night before the Tarja show.  Now I get to see Delain twice, Amaranthe twice and Tarja once on back to back nights.  Argentina here I come!

I am lucky to have a lot of air miles from the travel that my jobs have required.  With some help from the promoter I figured out how to order tickets for both shows.  I can't wait to photograph these shows and share the photos with you.  In October I will be in Utrecht, in the Netherlands to attend Delain's Danse Macabre show featuring Marco Hietala from Nightwish.  I will also be photographing that show for all of you.  Just this year I will have seen Delain in Canada, The United States, The Netherlands and now Argentina.  In the past I have seen them on different tours in the USA, Canada, Belgium and in Amsterdam for the 10th Anniversary show.  Guess you could say I have become a Delain super fan! 

This will be the first trip to South America for both my wife and I.  We are excited to learn more about their exciting culture and wonderful food.  Now the hard part, waiting until November to see the shows!



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