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Surgical Guides

By Chris Becker on January 21, 2019 in Dental Supply

Let our partner DDS Lab guide you safely and accurately, while saving chair time. Learn about their surgical guides » https://www.ddslab.com/dental-implants/surgical-guide/ And don’t forget… Our members receive an average discount of 20% off their standard...

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Reimbursement Negotiation MUST be a Priority

By Chris Becker on January 20, 2019 in Dental Supply

The reimbursement market is constantly shifting, and a new report is indicating that decreasing reimbursement rates are on the way. Now is the time to adjust your expectations for the coming year and explore how reimbursement negotiation could ensure that you end up on the better end of the rate adjustments. Learn more...

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Save with Synergy and 3M Oral Care

By Chris Becker on November 30, 2018 in Dental Supply

We’ve done the math – our members currently save anywhere from 20%-24% on 3M products when they purchase through Darby Dental Supply rather than other national suppliers. And that DOESN’T include the extra savings when our members factor in their 5% rebate in 3M purchases! Synergy pricing shown below is valid through Feb. 1,...

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3M and Synergy Preferred Brands

By Chris Becker on October 15, 2018 in Dental Supply

Over the last several months, Synergy and 3M have been working closely to develop a new Preferred Brands program that benefits our members. What does this mean to you? Effective November 1, 2018, the current Preferred Brands program with 3M is changing. Until October 31, 2018, Synergy members can continue to purchase 3M products through Darby at the current prices. After November 1st, the current program will be replaced with an annual cash rebate program where our members can receive a cash rebate of up to 5% on their 3M purchases. Members can order through any authorized 3M distributor and receive the cash rebate. Members will continue to receive Synergy discounted pricing on 3M products purchased through Darby. Price increases on 3M items after November 1,2018 will be offset by both the cash rebate and access to free goods offers. Free goods are back. Our members will have access to free goods offers from 3M as well as receive special promotions designed specifically for Synergy. Members may also receive a growth rebate if overall Synergy member purchases increase year over year. In other words, the more 3M our members use, the greater the rebate you may receive. In order to be eligible, members may not participate in any other 3M pricing/rebate programs. How is this different than before? Members were required to purchase 3M products through Darby Dental Supply if they wished to participate in Preferred Brands.  Now, members can purchase 3M products Darby or another authorized 3M distributor. Members will receive the cash rebate regardless. Members ordering 3M products through Darby will continue to receive the savings we negotiated directly with Darby.  3M is no longer offering its direct-from-the-manufacturer discounts. You will receive the cash rebate instead. Members may also receive a growth rebate if overall Synergy member purchases increase year over year. In other words, the more 3M our members use, the greater the rebate you may receive. How do you participate? Order 3M products through Darby Dental Supply. You may also order from any other authorized 3M distributor. To order 3M products through Darby, please contact the Synergy team at Darby: Matt Hossain, [email protected], 866-419-7332 Synergy is committed to helping preserve the independent dental practitioner, and we...

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A Painless Guide to Dental Facebook Marketing

By Chris Becker on October 9, 2018 in Dental Supply

A special thanks to our partner VivioSites for writing this fantastic blog post for us. Read on to learn more. A Painless Guide to Dental Facebook Marketing Dentists can no longer rely on word of mouth alone to attract new clients. You need to put your business in front of your patients. In 2018, they’re hanging out on Facebook. Click here to learn how to market to new dental patients on Facebook. Americans now use their smartphones and tablets for 5 hours every day. They’re not just making phone calls, checking the weather, and playing games. Over half of that time gets spent on messaging and, of course, social media applications. The most popular social media platform in 2018 is by far Facebook. In fact, the Facebook mobile app gets over 164 million unique visits in the US each month, which is more than Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit combined. Looking to get the most out of social media for dentists? Read on to find out why dental Facebook marketing is a whole lot easier than pulling teeth. Publishing Content on a Dentist Facebook Page There are many benefits to dental social media marketing. These include more patients and improved brand recognition. But you’ll have trouble getting anything out of it if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s how you can take advantage of everything Facebook marketing has to offer. What Are Some Creative Facebook Post Ideas for Dentists? For starters, you can present fun questions related to teeth and give readers two options. Tell them to like if they agree with option A or comment if they agree with option B. Myth busting posts, inspirational quotes, and discount promotions are a few other ideas you can go with. But if you want to show off your human side, try giving people a live tour of your dental offices with Facebook Live. What’s the Ideal Time to Post Content? Research shows it’s between 1 PM and 3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays. But you’ll likely have to find out on your own by looking at when you see the most engagement and clicks on your content. How Often Should You Make Posts? The last thing you want to do...

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What was your vision of dentistry as a dental student?

By Chris Becker on July 26, 2018 in Dental Supply

The following Op-Ed first appeared in the July 2018 issue of Dental Economics. Mustafa Shah-Khan, DDS In 2002, I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. As with most dental schools, the first year I spent there was consumed with a solid year of didactic course work. It was followed by a progression of didactic and clinical instruction that made me minimally clinically competent to take on the world as a dentist. As dental students, we all had various reasons for selecting dentistry as a profession. We each had a vision for what our career would look like. Being the child of two medical doctors, my reason for choosing dentistry was to serve as a health-care provider while having greater control of my lifestyle. I was also attracted to the entrepreneurial aspect of dentistry and the prospect of operating my own small business. For me, this meant that my vision was to be an independent dental practitioner and operate my own fee-for-service practice. Fast forward 16 years to 2018, and I am fortunate to have achieved this goal. I practice in what was regarded as “the holy grail” of dentistry when I was in school. I am a fee-for-service, solo practitioner in a metropolitan location. When I was in school, this is what the majority of my classmates wanted. Even when I entered the workforce, most of the jobs were in fee-for-service practices. This allowed my generation of practitioners to learn how to practice dentistry and operate practices without being dictated to by insurance companies. Today, dentistry is very different. According to one estimate, only 5% to 10% of dental practices are truly fee-for-service.1 Insurance penetration has risen, and the percentage of doctors participating in at least one plan has grown to 90%–95%. 1 The landscape of our profession has changed and is continuing to change. Dentistry previously experienced slow change that could be viewed as evolutionary. Now we are seeing rapid changes in clinical techniques, technology, and practice operations. These changes are more revolutionary than evolutionary. A revolutionary change is not a negative occurrence, but rather a series of changes that result in a rapid paradigm shift. It is safe to say that dentistry is...

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